insight Recruiters (Executive Search)

Every recruitment project begins with an environmental and position analysis. We analyse the company’s standing, their branch of business and markets and the position of the company in them, the demands of the position to be filled and the social setting within the company for a new employee. A decisive factor for success for the executive search consultants is their solid knowledge of markets, industries and business. The results of the environmental and position analysis are summarised in a briefing that lays out the job profile for the company, the position and the applicant.

It usually contains, for reasons of discretion, slightly hedged details about the client’s company, a detailed description of the tasks and aims of the position and the technical and social requirements to be made of the suitable candidates. The profile is the basis for selecting potential candidates and is used as the primary basis for information following a direct search.

In the market search phase, target companies are identified from among the direct competition of the client and a search is made for employees with a similar range of duties, as required for the position to be filled. The focus is not on weakening one of these companies by headhunting an employee, but rather to find a match between the job profile and the actual qualifications and experience of the candidates.

Promising candidates will be contacted discreetly by telephone. A brief conversation will follow where their interest will be queried and a meeting arranged in a more private atmosphere. This second conversation will allow for a preliminary examination that will determine the suitability of a candidate based on criterion taken from the job profile.

After a pre-selection process by phone, personal interviews will be held with suitable candidates. The result is an applicant profile, which is similar to a résumé and includes an assessment of the candidate made by the consultant. This profile will provide our client’s company with preliminary information and is a basis for making decisions as to which candidate will be considered. Trust is the basis for cooperation with candidates - without it we would not have been able to establish ourselves as a serious executive search consulting firm. It also prohibits us from submitting candidate profiles to a company without the consent of the candidate.

The candidates selected by our clients are invited to a presentation where the candidate is introduced. Within the context of an interview the company becomes acquainted with each candidate. At this point the candidate receives information about his potential future employer, which is relevant to his personal decision about whether to change companies.

The partner advises the client on making decisions about who to shortlist, coordinates further meetings and offers support with negotiating a salary and drawing up a contract.

The recruitment project ends with the signing of the contract of employment by a candidate introduced by the partner. As a guarantee the consultant will look for further candidates without charging an additional fee, if the contract of employment is terminated by either side within a 6 month period after its signing, provided it is not for operational reasons.

Presentation of the first suitable candidates takes place ideally 8 -10 weeks after placing an order. The average project period should not exceed 3-4 months.