Your Benefits: Time saving

With the exception of the necessary strategy meetings, the complete process is handled by us. Management from our clients' company can focus on their current duties during this time.

Your Benefits: Risk minimisation

 Through our long-standing technical and managerial experience within our clients’ industries, our clients can expect indepth knowledge and power of judgement from us. This and the joint preparation of decisions minimises the danger of unrealistic solutions, i.e. producing costly mistakes.

Your Benefits: Support

It goes without saying that we stand at the side of our clients and their managers and provide support with realising agreed upon measures. This also holds true for the integration of new employees whom we actively support on request.

Your Benefits: Guarantee

If the client or the candidate should discover during the probationary period (6 months as a rule) to have carried out a mismatch, we will again actively search for candidates within the context of the order already awarded, without incurring any additional fees.

Your Benefits: Quality

Our clients get the candidate that best suits them and their company from among all personalities available on the market