Our recruiters specialize in your industry. insight - a convincing concept

insight  is based on an idea that is as simple as it is logical: only someone who knows a specific industry inside out and is at home with it, is able to assess candidates and their qualifications as well as their professional potentials.
insight is aware of the need of professional competence. Every insight-consultant has extensive management and leadership experience in the industries he serves. Our partners complement each other with their different experiences in finances, sales, marketing, technology and production, gained in different company situations. This is what makes every of our partners an ideal consultant in his sector and a qualified contact for you in all recruitment questions.
Due to our strategy to focus on specific industries, insight - International Management Consultants has developed into the leading European consultancy for the print and paper industry and all areas of packaging industry.
The chemical industry with its market areas varnishes, paints, plastics and synthetic resins, as well as coatings and adhesives is also of central significance.
insight is developing into the biggest, specialized European recruitment consultancy in the area of specialty chemicals and polymer chemistry.
Mechanical engineering and industrial vehicle construction, as well as industrial supply industry are additional expert fields of insight. We are also focused on the markets of processing plastics, rubber and metal industries, force transmission and movable work tools.
By supporting market-forming production companies, insight has made its mark in these sectors.