Interim Management

Insight has expanded its already comprehensive range of goods and services in the temporary employment field within the industries catered for by adding interim management. An interim manager assumes full responsibility as line or project manager as his or her tasks dictate for a specified period.  Insight can guarantee excellent interim management personnel available at very short notice thanks to our close relationship with the industries concerned and the resultant large number of candidates.

Insight acts in these cases as your direct contractor relieving you of all administrative tasks and labour law obligations. Full cost transparency is also assured.  Our interim managers, by the way, have contracts of employment with us.

Interim managers are used in the following cases.

Bridging vacancies
An interim manager can be used to take over a post that falls vacant at short notice until a permanent manager has been appointed. Such managers assume full budget and result responsibility.

Restructuring management
Improving  optimisation potential, relocating and closing of business units, restructuring of organisational units - these are all typical of the uses of interim managers, especially in those cases in which extant management might suffer any form of harm due to unpopular measures.

Project management
As structures in today’s businesses are lean interim managers create the necessary freedom of manoeuvre to manage temporary projects such as investments, purchases, etc. by using their specialised expertise to oversee them in a target- and result-oriented way.


Interim Management - Projects (Selection):

Industry: Paper industry
Client: Manufacturer of graphics paper (medium-sized business)
Position: CFO
Task:  Following takeover by an investor after insolvency financial management had to be safeguarded quickly until a new manager could be appointed.
Industry: Flexible packaging
Client: Investment company
Position: Technical specialist
Task:  Technical Due Diligence on the part of a maker of flexible packaging as part of a buying project.
Industry: Packaging
Client: Maker of cardboard packaging (group)
Position: Printing manager
Task:  Restructure and reorganise the printing division; prepare an investment decision.
Industry: Paper refinement and finishing
Client: Specialist in PE extrusion coating (group)
Position: Technical specialist
Task:  Advising management on the basis of a current position analysis on printing technical requirements in preparation for an investment decision.
Industry: Mechanical engineering
Client: Manufacturer of packing machinery (medium-sized business)
Position: Sales executive with experience in the industry
Task:  Increase market pressure quickly to improve utilisation.
Branche: Packaging
Client: Maker of folding packaging (medium-sized business)
Position: Purchasing manager
Task:  Expertise in purchasing had to be safeguarded until a new manager was appointed.
Industry: Flexible packaging
Client: International company
Position: Managing Director
Task:  Close a manufacturing location, draft a social and redundancy package and transfer production to subsidiary works as part of a restructuring project.