Individual Coaching

EQCO’s Individual Coaching is based on a scientifically established quality-standard that is characterized by goal and solution-oriented assistance and support of individual developmental and transformational processes.

Typical areas of application are:
  • Support in the preparation for a new job
  • Assistance with integration into a new work environment
  • Support with career changes
  • Increasing the efficiency of management and leadership functions
Time commitment: 12-15 hours over three to six sessions
Location: Starnberg or as agreed

Team Coaching

Team Coaching is conducted by two experienced EQCO psychologists using scientifically established coaching methods.
Causes of problems, “blind spots” and sources of conflict within a team are revealed, while available capabilities and resources are optimally developed with all participants in a goal-oriented manner to create robust and lasting solutions.

The result of the coaching session is a powerful, motivated team that successfully contributes to the entrepreneurial vision.

Typical areas of application are:
  • Improvement of team spirit, cooperation and performance
  • Problem solving, conflict resolution, improvement of communication
  • Assistance with transformational processes and re-orientation
  • Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire team

Time commitment: starting at 6-8 hours
Location: As agreed

Our partners: Pia Braun and Nicole Ehrsam: